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Table 2 Collection of instrument-related infectious and miscellaneous skin conditions that may occur in musicians

From: Contact dermatitis and other skin conditions in instrumental musicians

Instrument Infectious noxae* Miscellaneous
violin, viola   skin discoloration, Paget-Schroetter syndrome, hyperhidrosis
woodwind instruments (flute, clarinet saxophone etc.) herpes labialis etc. lip discoloration, impaired salivation
brass instruments (trumpet, horn etc.) herpes labialis etc., candida-folliculitis impaired salivation
harmonica herpes labialis etc. impaired salivation
guitar, bass guitar sitar etc.   "guitar groin", acro-osteolysis, hyperhidrosis
piano, keyboards   acro-osteolysis, hyperhidrosis
  1. * = secondary pyoderma of skin injuries not listed