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Table 1 Search Strategy

From: A systematic review of natural health product treatment for vitiligo

Databases Searched For all available years up to August 27, 2007
All EBM Reviews (Cochrane) International Pharmaceutical Abstracts
Allied and Complementary Medicine Journals@ovid Full Text
EMBASE Ovid Helathstar
Search Terms
All items were searched individually in each database. The leucoderma and vitiligo were combined together using the OR boolean. The rest of the search group were combined together into a second group using the OR boolean. The first and second group were then combined using the AND boolean.
Leucoderma • Inorganic chemicals
Vitiligo • Inorganic compound
• Alternative therapies • Medicinal plant
• Amino acid • Micronutrient
• Ayurvedic • Mineral
• Biological factors • Natural health product
• Biological group • Naturopathy
• Botany • Nutrient
• Chinese herb • Nutrition
• Complementary medicine • Nutrition therapy
• Complementary therapies • Phytotherapy
• Diet therapy • Plant
• Dietary supplement • Plant extract
• Drugs, chinese herbal • Plant preparations
• Essential fatty acids • Plants, medicinal
• Ethnobotany • Traditional medicine
• Ethnopharmacology • Vitamin
• Herb