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Table 3 Adverse Events

From: A systematic review of natural health product treatment for vitiligo

Study ID Intervention Adverse Events
Akyol 2002 [32] vit E + UVA
vs UVA
erythema, nausea, headaches in both groups
Bedi 1989 [26] methoxsalen + Picorrhiza kurroa
vs methoxsalen
pruritis in "some cases", "no long term side effects"
Middelkamp-Hup 2007 [28] Polypodium leucotomos + UVB
vs UVB
mild transient itching (10 active, 5 control); dryness of skin (5 active, 3 control); mild gastrointestinal complaints (4 active, 5 control)
Parsad 2003 [2] Ginko biloba
vs placebo
2 subjects experienced nausea
Tjioe 2002 [31] UVB+cobalamin+folic acid
vs UVB
transient erythema in all patients within 24 hrs of phototherapy, prickling sensation at site of erythema