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Table 4 Detection of Borrelia DNA by PCR in samples derived from Morgellons patients

From: Exploring the association between Morgellons disease and Lyme disease: identification of Borrelia burgdorferi in Morgellons disease patients

# Specimen PCR University of New Haven PCR Australian Biologics Sequencing
1 Whole callus pyrG, fla, ospC 16S rRNA pyrG, fla, ospC
2 Whole callus pyrG, fla, 16S rRNA 16S rRNA pyrG
3 Whole callus fla, pyrG, 16S rRNA, uvrA, ospC 16S rRNA 16S RNA, pyrG, fla, uvrA, ospC
3 Blood culture fla   
4 Callus section 16S rRNA   
4 Blood culture fla   
5 Whole callus pyrG 16S rRNA pyrG
6 Skin culture 16S rRNA   
7 Blood culture fla   
8 Whole callus pyrG, 16S rRNA, fla   pyrG, fla,
8 Blood culture fla, pyrG   fla
9 Skin culture fla   fla
10 Whole callus 16S rRNA, pyrG, fla 16S rRNA 16S rRNA, pyrG
10 Intestinal specimen   16S rRNA  
11 Whole callus fla+/- indeterminate Inhibited  
13 Whole callus uvrA   uvrA
13 Blood culture pyrG 16S rRNA  
13 Skin culture pyrG   
14 Blood culture fla 16S rRNA fla
14 Vaginal culture fla 16S rRNA fla
15 Whole callus   16S rRNA  
16 Whole callus   rpoC rpoC
17 Whole callus pyrG, uvrA 16S rRNA pyrG, uvrA
17 Blood culture Real-time 16S rRNA +/- equivocal   
18 Whole callus fla 16S rRNA fla
21 Skin culture   16S rRNA +/- equivocal  
23 Whole callus   16S rRNA rpoC*
24 Blood culture fla 16S rRNA  
24 Vaginal culture   16S rRNA rpoC**
  1. *Sequence consistent with B. miyamotoi.
  2. **Sequence consistent with B. garinii.
  3. Amplicon sequences from all patients were consistent with Bb sensu stricto except for sequence from patient 23, which was consistent with B. miyamotoi, and patient 24, which was consistent with B. garinii.