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Table 1 Case reports/series reporting osteo-articular infection associated with atopic eczema [modified from [9, 19]]

From: Osteomyelitis complicating secondarily infected atopic eczema: two case reports and a narrative literature review

CaseAuthor - YearDiagnosisOA typeAge (Yr)GenderReported atopic eczema
1Patel D; 2015 [4]Septic arthritis and osteomyelitis - left shoulderOAOM8FSevereMRSA
2Sayaka I; 2013 [21]Costo-chondral abscessOA20MNSNS
3Tsutsumi R; 2010 [25]Cervical spondylitis spondylitisOA31MSevereSA
4Kitamura S; 2000 [8]Septic arthritis - hipOA15FRecent flareSA
5Boiko S; 1988 [5]Osteomyelitis - distal phalanxOM3MSevereMRSA, Strep
6Boiko S; 1988 [5]Osteomyelitis - distal phalanxOM4FSevereMSSA, Strep
7Boiko S; 1988 [5]Osteomyelitis - nail plateOM2FSevereMSSA, Strep
8Sharma A; 1997 [2]Osteomyelitis - fibulaOM4MSevereMSSA
9Nassif A; 1994 [1]Septic bursitis - mid-tibial, olecranonOA60MSevereMRSA
10Kusunoki T; 2015 [19]Right hip osteo-arthritisOA0.25MSevereMSSA
11Kusunoki T; 2015 [19]Left hip oste-arthritisOA11MRecent flareNS
12Numazaki H; 2017 [22]*Tibial osteomyelitis (complication of ACL reconstruction)OM24MSevereMSSA
13Ohno et al.; 2000 [19]Right sacroiliacOA13MModerate-severeMSSA
14Ueda et al.; 2001 [19]Left hip oste-arthritisOA3MUnknownSA
15Ono et al.; 2003 [19]Knee SAOAInfantUnknownModerate-severeSA
16Hidaka et al.; 2004 [19]Right kneeOA5MModerate-severeMRSA
17Yamagata et al.; 2004 [19]Right hip and knee SAOA12MModerate-severeMRSA
18Kimura et al., 2005 [19]Left hipOA0.25FModerate-severeMSSA
19Nakamura & Fujioka; 2006 [26]Left hipOA5MModerate-severeMSSA
20Moriwaki et al.; 2006 [19]Left sacroiliacOA21FUnknownMSSA
21Nakamura & Fujioka; 2006 [26]Right knee and femurOA0.83MModerate-severeMRSA
22Nakamura & Fujioka; 2006 [26]Right hipOA0.5FModerate-severeMSSA
23Nakamura & Fujioka; 2006 [26]Right hipOA0.58MModerate-severeStrep
24Hiyane et al.; 2007 [19]Left hipOA11MUnknownNS
25Matsushita et al.; 2008 [19]Left kneeOA1FMildMSSA
26Nagai et al.; 2008 [19]Left tibiaOA3MMildNS
27Nagai et al.; 2008 [19]Left femurOA3MModerate-severeMSSA
28Nagai et al.; 2008 [19]Left hipOA0.92FModerate-severeMSSA
29Suzuki et al.; 2009 [19]Right kneeOA7FModerate-severeSA
30Kinugasa et al.; 2009 [19]Right hipOA23FUnknownStrep
31Hashi et al.; 2012 [27]Right hipOA5FModerate-severeMRSA
32Yamagata et al.; 2012 [19]Right hipOA12MModerate-severeMRSA
33Yasuda & Nisimatsu; 2012 [28]Right sacroiliacOA15MModerate-severeStrep
34Kyo; 2014 [23]KneeOA13MNSSA
35Kyo; 2014 [23]KneeOA27MNSSA
36Current case 1Phalangeal osteomyelitisOM8FMildNS
37Current case 2Tibial osteomyelitisOM11MSevereNS
  1. Abbreviations: OA Osteoarthritis, OM Osteomyelitis, MRSA Methicillin Resistant Staph. Aureus; SA Staph.Aureus, Strep Streptococcus, NS Not specified