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  1. The importance of acquiring comprehensive epidemiological and clinical data on hereditary angioedema has increasingly caught the attention of physicians and scientists around the world. The development of netw...

    Authors: Lotus Mallbris, Patrik Nordenfelt, Janne Björkander, Anders Lindfors, Sonja Werner and Carl-Fredrik Wahlgren
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2007 7:6
  2. Atopic dermatitis develops as a result of complex interactions between several genetic and environmental factors. To date, 4 genome-wide linkage studies of atopic dermatitis have been performed in Caucasian po...

    Authors: Hisako Enomoto, Emiko Noguchi, Shigeruko Iijima, Takenori Takahashi, Kazuhito Hayakawa, Mikako Ito, Toshiyuki Kano, Takeshi Aoki, Yoichi Suzuki, Minori Koga, Mayumi Tamari, Tetsuo Shiohara, Fujio Otsuka and Tadao Arinami
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2007 7:5
  3. Recent studies have shown ethnic differences concerning cardio-vascular disease, diabetes and mental health. Little is known about ethnic differences in skin morbidity. The purpose of this study was to describ...

    Authors: Florence Dalgard, Jan Øivind Holm, Åke Svensson, Bernadette Kumar and Johanne Sundby
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2007 7:4
  4. Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a common inflammatory skin disorder, affecting up to 15% of children in industrialized countries. Toll-interacting protein (TOLLIP) is an inhibitory adaptor protein within the toll-li...

    Authors: Tobias T Schimming, Qumar Parwez, Elisabeth Petrasch-Parwez, Michael Nothnagel, Joerg T Epplen and Sabine Hoffjan
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2007 7:3
  5. Sunscreens are being widely used to reduce exposure to harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The fact that some sunscreens are photounstable has been known for many years. Since the UV-absorbing ingredients of s...

    Authors: Helena Gonzalez, Nils Tarras-Wahlberg, Birgitta Strömdahl, Asta Juzeniene, Johan Moan, Olle Larkö, Arne Rosén and Ann-Marie Wennberg
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2007 7:1
  6. Mohs surgical technique allows a full view of surgical margins and has a reported cure rate approaching 100%.

    Authors: Jeffrey I Ellis, Tatiana Khrom, Anthony Wong, Mario O Gentile and Daniel M Siegel
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2006 6:10
  7. Safe Psoriasis Control (SPC) is an important comprehensive measure that is validated for the assessment of benefit:risk of psoriasis treatments, combining efficacy, quality of life, and safety measures. The ob...

    Authors: Kim A Papp and Eric Henninger
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2006 6:8
  8. Keloids are common benign tumors of the dermis, typically arising after insult to the skin. While typically only impinging on cosmesis, large or recurrent keloids may require therapeutic intervention. While no...

    Authors: Kristin Jones, Clifton D Fuller, Join Y Luh, Craig C Childs, Alexander R Miller, Anthony W Tolcher, Terence S Herman and Charles R Thomas Jr
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2006 6:7
  9. Pruritic skin rashes associated with exposure to freshwater cyanobacteria are infrequently reported in the medical and scientific literature, mostly as anecdotal and case reports. Diagnostic dermatological inv...

    Authors: Ian Stewart, Ivan M Robertson, Penelope M Webb, Philip J Schluter and Glen R Shaw
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2006 6:6
  10. Freshwater cyanobacteria are common inhabitants of recreational waterbodies throughout the world; some cyanobacteria can dominate the phytoplankton and form blooms, many of which are toxic. Numerous reports in...

    Authors: Ian Stewart, Alan A Seawright, Philip J Schluter and Glen R Shaw
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2006 6:5
  11. The increasing proportion of skin diseases encountered in general practice represents a substantial part of morbidity in children. Only limited information is available about the frequency of specific skin dis...

    Authors: Robbert SA Mohammedamin, Johannes C van der Wouden, Sander Koning, Michiel W van der Linden, François G Schellevis, Lisette WA van Suijlekom-Smit and Bart W Koes
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2006 6:4
  12. Vitiligo is an acquired depigmenting disorder due to destruction of melanocytes. Although many theories have been suggested for its pathogenesis, the role of autoimmunity is the most popular one. The associati...

    Authors: Maryam Daneshpazhooh, Mahtab Mostofizadeh G, Javad Behjati, Maryam Akhyani and Reza Mahmoud Robati
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2006 6:3
  13. Squamous cell carcinomas and renal failure were reported the causes of death in patients with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB). Death from colonic disease in epidermolysis bullosa (EB) is neve...

    Authors: Chih-Hsin Hsieh, Che-Jen Huang and Gau-Tyan Lin
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2006 6:2
  14. Chronic psoriasis can negatively affect patients' lives. Assessing the impact of treatment on different aspects of a patient's health-related quality of life (HRQOL) is therefore important and relevant in tria...

    Authors: Jean-Paul Ortonne, Neil Shear, Stephen Shumack and Eric Henninger
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2005 5:13
  15. The study aimed at evaluating the prevalence of thyroid function abnormalities in patients with alopecia areata (AA) and its association with other autoimmune diseases and various autoimmune antibodies.

    Authors: Hassan Seyrafi, Maryam Akhiani, Hamed Abbasi, Sahar Mirpour and Ali Gholamrezanezhad
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2005 5:11
  16. The aim of the present study was to describe the clinical characteristics of a population of psoriatics sampled from a patient organisation and not from hospitals or out-patient clinics. Furthermore, we wanted...

    Authors: Annica Inerot, Charlotta Enerbäck, Fredrik Enlund, Tommy Martinsson, Lena Samuelsson, Jan Wahlström and Gunnar Swanbeck
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2005 5:10
  17. Computer-aided dermoscopy using artificial neural networks has been reported to be an accurate tool for the evaluation of pigmented skin lesions. We set out to determine the sensitivity and specificity of a co...

    Authors: Masoomeh Barzegari, Haiedeh Ghaninezhad, Parisa Mansoori, Arash Taheri, Zahra S Naraghi and Masood Asgari
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2005 5:8
  18. Pruritus is one of the most bothersome symptoms in patients on maintenance hemodialysis (HD), however little progress is seen in our understanding of its pathogenesis. The aim of this study was to evaluate the...

    Authors: Maryam Akhyani, Mohammad-Reza Ganji, Nasrin Samadi, Behnaz Khamesan and Maryam Daneshpazhooh
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2005 5:7
  19. Erythroderma is a rare skin disorder that may be caused by a variety of underlying dermatoses, infections, systemic diseases and drugs.

    Authors: Maryam Akhyani, Zahra S Ghodsi, Siavash Toosi and Hossein Dabbaghian
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2005 5:5
  20. Recently, it has been observed that Video Display Terminals (VDTs) usage for long periods can cause some dermatological manifestations on the face. An analytical cross-sectional study was designed in order to ...

    Authors: Omid Aminian, Parvin Mansoori, Akbar Sharifian, Ehsan Rafeemanesh, Maria Mazaheri and Mohammadreza Iraniha
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2005 5:3
  21. There are contradictory reports on the relationship between acne vulgaris and cigarette smoking. The objective of this study was to examine the relation between acne and cigarette smoking in a case-control study.

    Authors: Alireza Firooz, Reza Sarhangnejad, Seyyed Massoud Davoudi and Mansour Nassiri-Kashani
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2005 5:2
  22. Alopecia areata (AA) is a common and chronic skin disease with an unknown etiology. It may significantly affect the patient quality of life. This study was designed to evaluate the illness perception in patien...

    Authors: Alireza Firooz, Mehdi Rashighi Firoozabadi, Behnaz Ghazisaidi and Yahya Dowlati
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2005 5:1
  23. Pressure sores are important and common complications of spinal cord injury. Many preventive and therapeutic approaches have been tried and new trials are evolving. One relatively recent method is application ...

    Authors: Mohammad Taghi Hollisaz, Hossein Khedmat and Fatemeh Yari
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2004 4:18
  24. Lichen sclerosus is a chronic inflammatory disease with a predilection of the anogenital region. Because of the potential side effects of repeated local application of potent glucocorticosteroids, equally-effe...

    Authors: Stefanie Boms, Thilo Gambichler, Marcus Freitag, Peter Altmeyer and Alexander Kreuter
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2004 4:14
  25. Scleromyxoedema is a rare chronic skin disease of obscure origin, which may often be associated with severe internal co-morbidity. Even though different casuistic treatment modalities have been described, to d...

    Authors: Frank Breuckmann, Marcus Freitag, Sebastian Rotterdam, Markus Stuecker, Peter Altmeyer and Alexander Kreuter
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2004 4:12
  26. Broad-band UVA, long-wave UVA1 and PUVA treatment have been described as an alternative/adjunct therapeutic option in a number of inflammatory and malignant skin diseases. Nevertheless, controlled studies inve...

    Authors: Frank Breuckmann, Thilo Gambichler, Peter Altmeyer and Alexander Kreuter
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2004 4:11
  27. The demonstration of tissue-bound immunoreactants by direct immunofluorescence microscopy (DIF) is a valuable parameter in the diagnosis of various autoimmune and immunecomplex-mediated skin diseases. For pres...

    Authors: Robert M Vodegel, Marcelus CJM de Jong, Hillegonda J Meijer, Marijn B Weytingh, Hendri H Pas and Marcel F Jonkman
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2004 4:10
  28. Anetoderma is a benign condition with focal loss of dermal elastic tissue resulting in localized areas of flaccid or herniated saclike skin. Currently, anetoderma is classified as either primary (idiopathic), ...

    Authors: Shahin Aghaei, Manouchehr Sodaifi, Fatemeh Sari Aslani and Nazila Mazharinia
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2004 4:9
  29. Intermediate-conductance, calcium-activated potassium channels (IKs) modulate proliferation and differentiation in mesodermal cells by enhancing calcium influx, and they contribute to the physiology of fluid m...

    Authors: Vlasios Manaves, Wuxuan Qin, Amy L Bauer, Sandra Rossie, Masakazu Kobayashi and Stanley G Rane
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2004 4:7
  30. The association of lichen planus with hepatitis C (HCV) has been widely reported in the literature. However, there are wide geographical variations in the reported prevalence of HCV infection in patients with ...

    Authors: S Zahra Ghodsi, Maryam Daneshpazhooh, Mohammad Shahi and Ali Nikfarjam
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2004 4:6
  31. Pityriasis versicolor is a superficial infection of the stratum corneum which caused by a group of yeasts formerly named pityrosporium. The taxonomy of these lipophilic yeasts has recently been modified and in...

    Authors: Bita Tarazooie, Parivash Kordbacheh, Farideh Zaini, Kamiar Zomorodian, Farshid Saadat, Hojjat Zeraati, Zahra Hallaji and Sassan Rezaie
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2004 4:5
  32. TGM1(transglutaminase 1) is an enzyme that crosslinks the cornified envelope of mature keratinocytes. Appropriate expression of the TGM1 gene is crucial for proper keratinocyte function as inactivating mutatio...

    Authors: Marjorie A Phillips, Bart A Jessen, Ying Lu, Qin Qin, Mary E Stevens and Robert H Rice
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2004 4:2
  33. Potential links between eczema and obstructive pulmonary diseases have been postulated. Previously we have reported the prevalence of upper and lower respiratory diseases and the relation to environmental and ...

    Authors: Peter Montnemery, Ulf Nihlén, Claes Göran Löfdahl, Per Nyberg and Åke Svensson
    Citation: BMC Dermatology 2003 3:4